Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dude and Steve came by to pickup 2 new ones , that one up front is a 6'8'' Death board, the other is a 5'10'' Burrito Deluxe , Velo with a bit more pulled in at the tail with side runners , thanks to Brian in Santa Cruz for the tips.


Burrito Deluxe with Hullapinos.

6'8'' Death 6'6'' SH/RW and 5'10'' BD

Friday, February 26, 2010


A 7'2'' and a 6'6'' on the way here, for info. Hand shaped, glassed, sanded and glossed by Greg Liddle on a small island in the pacific. 42 years of Displacement Hull refinement .

Sunday, February 21, 2010

1968 to 1976 to 2010 BACK TO THE FUTURE

8'4'' Hot Generation PHD , This design is really working well, I've been riding these off and on for years , first Marc and I made a few in 76 when we worked at Yaters together, then I had Liddle make some and now Brian and I are doing um.

Its from one of my favorite era's 67 to 68 the boards went short , but you still had longboard style, the aussies got it right because Greenough was there. Back here we were hampered by bad rocker and plastic fins . Its fun to get to refine these old designs with the right foil, rocker and fins . Much like an early pig board you can turn off the back hip and step up to the trim spot. Some guys did some right back then, Skipper/GS, Yater, John Price surfboards Hawaii, Morey- Pope and a few more.

Marc with his 9'0'' and me with a Yater classic 8'0'' round pin, man we were a couple of surfhounds back then.

My 7'11'' Stringerless Andreini , nice bowl cut !

I think those 501's were a 28'' waist !! That board was so much fun . We could ride small Rincon and the other SB points when everybody was on smaller gunnier boards. Marc and I were laughing about these times yesterday 34 years later.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Proneman's New Toy

Roger's 9'6'' Vaquero Pintail, nice T-band stringer, silver logo to match his hair,'' Old Yeller '' #3



I really like the tail curve in the pintails.

Vee in front of the fin , then back to flat. Proneman's on a trip , might have to test drive this baby.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Got a box from Greg today and he sent me his fin collection and I added a few of mine , some really weird stuff , plastic aussie fins , molded fins from the late 60's and 70's, Greenough Morey- Pope prototypes , hollow , footballs and a keelfin , all kinds of Brewer fins, very cool.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


These are 8'0''s that Tony Masiel, Steve Krajewski and I started riding as we got older ('' and wiser'' ) with a few of the Hull Tribe.

Tony came up with the template, that one in front he shaped me when Liddle moved to Hawaii and he stopped making boards for a few years . I rode the crap out of it for years and it's still in service , Kopps just took it to Mexico to film, hence the 2# of new Bondo!

The second from left is Steve's last Liddle before Greg moved, the 3rd from left is a bit before that , this one, is one of my favorites . The last one is a Anderson, Bojorquez which is just an evolution on the 8'0'' midlength boards we all did together.

Tony is still refining this board , such a great underground hull shaper, still shaping and glassing all his boards himself . He like's side fins , Steve and I went back to one fin later on, but I like the 2 plus one because you can really use a twangy center fin, but have the side bites to hold.

2 6'4'' Liddles

These are off a old board I have in the collection and Brian Hilbers wanted a new one , thats how these came about. These are really fun and Ive had good feed back on this template. For sale and on the way here,

Friday, February 5, 2010

3 Greenough Influence

On the right is Richie West's Wilderness 5ft standup Greenough influenced board from around 69 or 70. Middle is Warmjets 6'0'' Velo template Liddle, the first one Greg did with this template, left is a new order like Warmjets.

6'0'' Velo Burrito


Top shot

Pure Hull.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Got some bad news today, Mike Marshall had a stroke, I don't know how bad yet or what's going on but I know he could use some prayers. Mike is one of the GOODGUYS! and has brought many smiles and laughs to so many in the surf world , not to mention how many GOOD surfboards he shaped. This shot is C.R. Stecyk, Mike and Me was taken by his wife Sharon at the ASR show 10 or 12 years ago. Love, Thoughts and Prayers to the Marshall family.

3 for sale

Bottom is a 7'1'' Jaws Liddle , but its thickness is 27/8s, Middle is a PHD Jaws that is a copy of Steves OG blade , top is a 5'10'' Geebee Fineline used , kirkripper@yahoo for ?

Turn your head.

With all this surf these need to be in the water.

Warmjets #1 6'0'' Velo in the Bodyshop for a makeover.