Thursday, August 30, 2012

Andreini came by to drop off Mollusk Venice order 7 nice boards.

2 Lenos quads a Bullet and 4 Vaqueros.

Mr. Andreini


The guys at Santa Cruz board builders Guild did a really nice job on the glassing.

Leno quads.

Chad from Mollusk came by today and picked these up , they are all at Mollusk Venice.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hawaiian Kind

7'2'' and 7'4'' Hawaiian Kind's

These 2 are going to Mollusk SF , getting ready for fall .

This design is very refined as Greg rides this type of board in Hawaii , a hull that can handle some power!

A bit more nose rocker to handle the drops.

And the 2 plus 1 fin setup to put some rail over and not have any loseness.

n. 16'' w. 21'' t. 14'' th. 2''15/16's

These are good in all kind 's of surf .

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tres Llegada

6'6'' SH

This one has a nice 1/4'' to zero bass wood stringer.

6'6'' n. 18.25 w. 22.25 t. 16.50

Foil, med. thin rails.

I like this outline at 6'6'' seems to fit right.

The ID ,  this is an old design from around 1970's , I think Greg has some info on his site about the ID.

Wide point pushed back towards center a bit, almost a double ender.

7'2'' n. 16 3/8 w. 21 3/4 t. 16''


This one going to S.F. Mollusk.

 7'0'' GL/PB 

This one is kinda a combo of a GL and the Death board tail.

7'0'' n. 18'' w. 22. t. 14.75 th. 2 7/8

This one is for Molllusk Venice.

Foil, med. thin rails.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 PG's

 6'4'' PG/Velo's

Bottom one McMalibu's custom , top is almost the same but a little narrower nose .

Greenough on Velo. this spaceman made this board around 1965!

Warmjet on the Fat Bastard, Velo dims at 6'0'' this was a brave move it was one of the most radical boards I ever pulled out of a box from Greg.

Krajewski on a Liddle, very similar board around 1970 Malibu 3rd point.

At 6'4'' this outline really looks balanced to me , I like it.


3'' Thick

Ready to displace some water.