Saturday, July 28, 2012

Evolution PR

PHD......PR evolving , Our take of the oringinal Paul Gross he shaped me in 94 and the middle one is the original Brian Hilburs shaped me a number of years ago with some slight changes to the foil and rails, last is a new custom for Juan.

Good all around hull. Works good in point surf and also kills it when it's junky beachbreak.

The hip in back and a rolled V in front of the box let it roll on the rail very easy.

Almost lost the middle board as it fell out the back of my camper on to the street, lucky no one hit it.

Last summer  on the middle board.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Custom GL/PB

Custom GL/PB for Paul C. I took a template off of one of Gregs 7'1'' stringerless that Matt Miller had for years , buckeled in 3 places , no longer rideable.

Everybody that sees this old  board loves the template and foil.

Med. thin rails 2 7/8's thick.


Old School Logo

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Combinacion Cumpleanos

Had a big birthday party for all the girls who have birthdays in July,  Sarah , Andi, Triston, Emma and my wife Denise, Ventucky's own  Jan Michael and the Vincent's showed up to put that Bakersfield sound to the party.

The Queen down below always has you lookin over just in case the wind swell picks up.

Pollo and Peppers , Matt , Dennis and myself were on grillin duty.

My wife lookin for that cab I got her.

Tecate and Telecasters.

Keith , Chris and Lucus Malloy were tailgatin it.

The Moore's were out in full force, the little one in the white tutu,  Ryan's youngest daughter was a total animal, give her a foam cooler to thrash and shes a happy camper.

Tri Tip Time.

Keith and Matt feelin no pain.

Tail gate B.S. session as the sun went down and the all nighters hung tough for the tuna and crab claws . With all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now it was nice to just hang with old friends and kickback , throw a few down , eat some good food and listen to some good tunes.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some Hulls

A Custom 5'10'' Burrito Deluxe Velo

At 5'10'' this is very close to Greenough's Velo kneeboard template.

17ft Greenough Anderson

17ft Radon rebuilt by Anderson boats. When Jeff C. dragged this old hull down from way up north I had my doubts it would ever look like this , but the guys at Anderson's worked thier magic.

Matt ''Frenchy'' Millers new 8'4'' Super Smoothie.

Death board type outline at 8'4''

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dos Midlengths

This is a 8'4'' PR Putnam/ Hilburs/Design a custom for Carlos.

This board started out as a really good board Paul Gross made me in the mid 90's which I still have, After riding it so long there were a few things I wanted to tweek, and Brian did a nice job with that, I can't believe we don't sell more of these.

Foil 3'' 3/16th's thick

That curve in the back hip and rolled V in front of the box make it easy to surf .

Works good in junksurf and also when it's good.

This one is a 8'0'' custom for Paul C. we took an template off one of Steve Krajewskis 8'0'' which Paul owns and sent it to Greg .

Similar dims.

Foil 3'' thick

2 + 1 and one of Greg's 8.5 fins very close to Steve's old fin template , you can use with the sidebites.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Liddle AD-DO

7'2'' AD/Do this is what Andy Davis, Greg's old  glasser and good friend, rode for many years.

3 D

Just a bit more of a pulled in outline.

Greg made a custom order for this and made an extra one , this one is at Mollusk Venice.