Sunday, July 22, 2012

Combinacion Cumpleanos

Had a big birthday party for all the girls who have birthdays in July,  Sarah , Andi, Triston, Emma and my wife Denise, Ventucky's own  Jan Michael and the Vincent's showed up to put that Bakersfield sound to the party.

The Queen down below always has you lookin over just in case the wind swell picks up.

Pollo and Peppers , Matt , Dennis and myself were on grillin duty.

My wife lookin for that cab I got her.

Tecate and Telecasters.

Keith , Chris and Lucus Malloy were tailgatin it.

The Moore's were out in full force, the little one in the white tutu,  Ryan's youngest daughter was a total animal, give her a foam cooler to thrash and shes a happy camper.

Tri Tip Time.

Keith and Matt feelin no pain.

Tail gate B.S. session as the sun went down and the all nighters hung tough for the tuna and crab claws . With all the crazy stuff going on in the world right now it was nice to just hang with old friends and kickback , throw a few down , eat some good food and listen to some good tunes.


  1. brah! you have to let me know when these things go down! i'm there next time!!!

    miss you!!!

  2. Will do Mike , this one was put together by the ladies.

  3. Anonymous7/26/2012

    Kp....for the love of God: please no!