Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8'0'' Hot Generation

Shane's 8'0'' HG

First 8'0'' I have seen , I like the shorter ones .

Super easy to surf these.


deck outline

Hull to a rolled V, flat behind the finbox so they don't track .

Brian has these down pat, lot's of good feedback from the Santa Barbara crew.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Corner by the Sea

A little get together of old friends up top at the palapa on sat. afternoon, the point way below.

70's style boards were on display, lots of old Wilderness and Greenough boards, the one on the left is a 7o Richie West Wilderness and the new one is a Bob Duncan .


More Wilderness, the one on the left is a Duncan pintail . middle is one of the first Wilderness boards made by Mike Cundith with a hand drawn logo , Wilderness Spiritual Involvement. To the right is Richie West's personal 5'ft mind machine.

Here left to right is a Eric Hawksworth made Greenough style kneeboard , then one of Rennie Yaters personal 7'4'' roundtails from 72 and a 7'6'' Yater pintail 73, I had lots of these .

Wilderness lean to.

Skip on the right showed up with his Wilderness gun from around 1970.

Vaqueros de Las Olas mobile.

One of GG.s old rides

Matt Moore, aka ''Webster'' was at a garage sale 2 doors down from his house in Carp yesterday morning and there was a 1980's board he made , and while he's chekin it out the guy who lives 3 doors down from him comes up and says I have one of your boards in my garage , so Matt says how long and the guys says it's a 8'0'' Gun! so Matt says lets go check it , This is the board the guy just gives it to him, too much! the thing is cherry and was glassed by Tim Bowler at Shapes and Hulls, made around 1976 it's been sitting 3 doors down for 35 years.

Nice sunset with the pig just about done.

Pig Roast Box , this thing really works good!

Graham and I pulled the guest of honor out at sunset, and a big old Pork feast was on. Good to see so many old friends from a place that used to be a lot smaller and more down home like everywhere else in California, thanks to Los Padres Outfitters and the Brown Bros. for the great Ho Down.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011





Jason's 6'6'' M. Peach