Sunday, June 26, 2011

For a Few Dollars More.

$#!T , If I knew Liddle was gonna be on the Mend all summer, I would NOT! have lent El Indio my 7' 2'' Death board.

Gringo!! if you try and take your board back before the tide push, were gonna have a problem!

Maybe if El Indio go's to get a Taco at Jack's I can grab his board for a few before he knows what's up.

Scum Bag snakes from Malibu try to take my board and my WAVES. serve's um right.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

#2 - 9'2''

9'2'' longboard shaped by Greg in 2009

Never ridin

Greg dosn't shape longboards anymore, so pretty much the last one availible, shaped by him.

These 2 came over the old way , by boat.

Forsale info

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

9' 2'' Liddle Gun

A 9'2'' Gun Greg made when he moved to Hawaii.

This hung in his guest house for many years, those who stayed there will remember it.

It has never been ridin, our friend Rich , who has stayed in the guest house ask if he could buy it
and Greg and Rich made a deal.

Really a work of ART, I saw this board when Greg was closing the old Agoura shop and really liked it.

9'2'' a pure hull gun.

Super sleek S- Deck.


Deck. Would have loved to see Tim Bowler in his prime on this baby, he knows the day I am thinking of, maybe the best day I ever surfed this one spot, maybe the best day of surf I ever got period, shared with my hero's and friends.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Random Picks

Andreini Santa Cruz, photo Kew

Marc again , tip time on his Spoon.

Marc checkin a rail.

RV art work.

Dirt on rail.

Paul 9'0'' Liddle Super Smoothie

Uncle Rennie and my Daughter Erin with her Greenough hair cut.

Warmjet 6'10'' Deathboard

80's, 7'8'' Liddle, quite a few less gray hairs and fewer pounds.

Mr. Bojorquez , recent Santa Fe art installation.

Myself riding the 7'8'' I was holding , going frontside on the backside of a well known point.8mm frame grab from , A.Casagrande

Andreini shaping another Vaquero. photo by Kew

3 Liddle Pigs.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


6'10'' bottom

6'10'' deck

The Last 3 for awhile , till Greg heals up from shoulder surgery.

Top Matt Miller's 8'0'' Jaws, then a 7'4'' Baby V and a 6'10'' GL/PB

The 6'10'' n. 18.25'' w. 22'' t. 15.25'' th. 2 7/8's

GL/PB Bottom, this one is nice!

The 7'4'' n. 18'' w. 22.50 t. 16.25 th. 3 3/8's

7'4'' Baby V

7'4'' Deck

Miller's 8'0'' Jaws n. 19'' w. 23'' t. 15'' th. 2 7/8's

8'0'' some weird light from the sunset , not on the board

Thin rails on this one.

Used but in A+ cond. 625.00 more info, Mollusk sold out , might be 1 or 2 at Wetsand or Thalia.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

7' 11'' Liddle

7'11'' Liddle from 1989 never waxed for sale at Mollusk Venice .

Steve Carter from Malibu ordered this when Greg moved to Hawaii in 1989 and never rode it, true time warp.

It is pretty much what Steve Krajewski was riding at that time.

Just a few nicks from moving it around for 22 yrs.

875.00 for the Red Sled. Price just lowered to 700.00 someone should nab this .