Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My New Ride

9'0'' Special K 

Marc and I have been talkin about this board ever since we saw the Innermost Limits of Pure Fun many years ago.

It is designed like the 2 boards Ted Spencer and Chris Brock take camping out by some air force base. I think the original boards were around 8'' to 8'4''and may have been shaped by Bob McTavish under the Nature surfboard label, not sure on that.

Marc shaped me a 8'2'' around 1974 that was based off this , great board. And later the first Vaquero we did was kinda based off these boards .

Marc really worked on getting the curves right on the outline, not easy with a squaretail.

Marc has an copy of this one and has been riding it up north for a couple of weeks in everthing and says it's a keeper.

Stringerless Ice 9 blank , n.17'' w. 23'' t. 14'' th 3''1/2 , can't wait to get this wet .

Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 New Hulls

Got 4 new ones today from Liddle.

6'2'' PG Velo


2'' 7/8's

6'4''PG Velo

2'' 13/16's

7'1'' Jaws 

2'' 15/16's

Krajewski liked a bit more of a pulled in tail so he could really push it over on rail.

6'10'' Death Board.

''LiL'' Drake likes it..... I think.

2'' 15/16's

Dan Malloy on his 6'6'' Liddle on a nice sand sucker. These 4 boards are going to Mollusk Venice .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gasonator Tricone

I built my first Tricone for my self for my birthday. 5 gal. gas can for the body.

3 Paul Beard spun cones that he made for me , thanks to Beard Resophonic Guitars.

The cover for the cones I made out of my sons 1950 ford shoebox hotrod moon hupcap , my it RIP. 

I used to do these with Steve Krajewski , aka Estaban Bojorquez. After Estaban moved to Santa Fe NM , I just built this by myself.

Im not much of a player , but I have fun doing these.

I have single cone at McCabes guitar shop 4 sale if you want to check one out.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday George Greenough

Happy Birthday George

4th Gear Flying

Now this is a turn.

17ft Greenough design by Anderson boats

17ft GG, also the header shot is a Anderson 21ft Greenough.

I can for sure say that my surfing life would be very different if not for Greenough , thanks Greorge .

GG with a few of my Paul Gross foiled Greenough designs. 

Mctavish and GG , 

Now that your head is tilted, check this turn on Velo.

Fins , Boats , Film, Mats , he just keeps innovating.