Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Birthday George Greenough

Happy Birthday George

4th Gear Flying

Now this is a turn.

17ft Greenough design by Anderson boats

17ft GG, also the header shot is a Anderson 21ft Greenough.

I can for sure say that my surfing life would be very different if not for Greenough , thanks Greorge .

GG with a few of my Paul Gross foiled Greenough designs. 

Mctavish and GG , 

Now that your head is tilted, check this turn on Velo.

Fins , Boats , Film, Mats , he just keeps innovating.


  1. Anonymous11/09/2012

    a HUGE influence on many of us. happy b-day george!
    el vaquero

  2. So if his birthday is the 8th, that's interesting. My birthday is the 8th.

  3. Mine was the 4th , Scorpio's

  4. Nice new article in the new Surfers Journal with Greenough.

  5. Anonymous10/05/2013

    Your a good bloke but the mushroom messages. Hurt real bad. That is the truth and the children should know this now before you pop off.