Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 New Hulls

Got 4 new ones today from Liddle.

6'2'' PG Velo


2'' 7/8's

6'4''PG Velo

2'' 13/16's

7'1'' Jaws 

2'' 15/16's

Krajewski liked a bit more of a pulled in tail so he could really push it over on rail.

6'10'' Death Board.

''LiL'' Drake likes it..... I think.

2'' 15/16's

Dan Malloy on his 6'6'' Liddle on a nice sand sucker. These 4 boards are going to Mollusk Venice .


  1. Black Friday here I come....Fuck waitin in line for a stupid TV. I would put myself in debt for all 4 of these blades

  2. That would be a nice quiver .