Saturday, January 28, 2012

4th times a charm

4th time around for the Fat Bastard for just a few dents and scrapes.

Had a old Greenough logo floating around and just got carried away, it seemed to just fit this board , after all it is Velo template pushed out to 6ft.

Pure Fun , P- 51.

4th times acharm

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Warmjets new 7'9'' Grande Burrito

This is the Velo template pulled out to 7'9''.

3'' thick then very foiled out .

Im MY, opinion Greg's boards have alot more to do with Bob Simmons basic ideas than what most people realize , kinda a missing piece of the Simmons / Malibu puzzle.

7'9'' n. 19'' w. 23'' t. 18'' are the dims after glassing.

S- Decked

One fin for Warmjet , Jdub has a 2 + 1 on the first GB.

The header shot is Kyle Albers on the first Liddle GB . photo Jdub


Friday, January 13, 2012


On my 7'6'' almost the same as the 7'6'' McEI below.

2 more arrivals, this ones a 7'2'' McEl template.


Deck outline.

Sorry about the blur on this bottom shot.

Medium thin rails on this one, nice tail curve on these .

This ones a 7'6'' McEI, very close to my 7'6'' KP template just a bit less nose width

Deck outline.


7'6'' Hull moe info

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New year, New Boards

OK! back to what we LOVE! surfboards, got 3 new ones from Mr. Liddle.

Top a 7'0'' GL/PB, Middle is a 6'9'' GN and bottom is a 6'4'' NS/ Burrito.

7'0''GL/PB foil

7'0''GL/PB outline


7'0'' GL/PB

GL/PB bottom

6'4'' NS/ Burrito



Bottom and 2 plus 1 fin set up.

6'9'' GN

6'9'' GN deck.

6'9'' GN deck

Bottom 6'9'' GN , info

Liddle / Leroy Grannis shot

Greg in front of his first shop, Jacobs and Yater dealer and repairs. I have never seen this shot before, taken by the late great Leroy Grannis.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Annual News Years Day Ride

Los Padres Outfitters annual new years day ride , nice way to start the new year. Pancake breakfast then ride.

Owner , Graham Goodfield , he and his wife Hanna just added Hugo Lewellen Goodfield Oct. 3rd, so been a good year for them.

Up and back thru El Toro Canyon.

And down to the beach, what a day to ride . Kim Robinson flying our Texas colors , Yeah! he's a born and raised Texan .

Magarita pit stop , these are a must have, weed whacker blender.

Ortega ridge looking over one of the last open spaces in Montecito. This holiday weather and some fun surf was a good way to send out 2011.