Friday, July 30, 2010


Marc and I swap boards now and again I just got this 3 stringer beauty .

Really hard to get a 11 or 12 ft board to have a nice curve and tryin not to make it to wide, Marc did a nice job on this one.

As I am getting older I really like the glide of the longer Vaqueros, they still have that Hull ride .

Marc and I used to surf a lot with Alan Hamilton in the early 7o's and he was a big influence on this board , Alan was the smoothest , most stylistic surfer around , Yater made some boards that Marc and I worked on like this one for him .

My Amigo , John Mellor snapped this and framed it for me ( thanks John ! )

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Marc stopped by the Round Up for the nite on the way south on business and to drop and trade a few boards off . My 12'' and 2, 11's a new 9'5'' for Marc and Jimmy Gamboa's new 8'0''.

This one came out nice ! kinda burnt orange , I like it.

That 3 stringer 11' is my new super glide, check Marc's new 9'5'' full old school double wing pin , flat deck beaknose rocketship.

2 , 12ft's and also Mike Blacks new PIG D fin heading south, check out Mike's surfapig blog in the next few days for pics .

Thursday, July 22, 2010


6'6'' MP and a wider 6'4'' MP and a 6'4'' Burrito Deluxe, always have loved the way Greg shapes the decks, never forced , many years of experience .

These are sitting here waiting for new owners.

? info at

Little Liddles.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thalia Liddles

Thalia St. surfshop has these in stock 2 death boards a 6'10'' and a 6'8'' also 6'6'' SH/RW and a 6'4'' Burrito Deluxe.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

RT'S 6'6'' AND USED 7'2''

Ryan's 6'6'' Greg made 2 of these , this one forsale, like an MP, ?


Hey! that pug dog is trying to get my camera from my pet snake.

Used 7'2'' from my buddy Nate, n.17'' w.22'' t.15'' th. 3''1/8'' made in 2005

Greg calls this a Overeasy Egg Smoothie, extra tailpatch, forsale 425.00 ? email me.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is Steve's last board he got from Scott Anderson, a 8'0'' Bojorquez

Steve and I did these together with Scott Anderson after Liddle and Gross stopped making boards at the time. I have the twin to this one and they are more extreme than the norm, full'' Dirt Machines. This one is forsale , Steve was forced out of the water by bone spurs in his shoulders a few years ago , then relocating to New Mexico.

Foil shot , no dings in great shape.

For Sale 6oo smackers ?

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Had to get some work boots and some dog food at the Wharf in Ventuckey today, so stopped by Millers to grab a board and check on his beer stash. Check out the NEW! Vaqueros, Los Padres Outfitters bar, tuck and roll BABY!

Matt waters the garden as Big ''D'' looks on.

Beer ? I got no beer, I am tryin to grow some greens here!

Black Brenda and Brown Chicka peck away, just about ready to lay some eggs. Named by one of Matt's students '' Big Matt"" who helps take care of them as a project.

Why we have to hit the Putnam's beer stash, Miller has milked it DRY!! what the Hell! what's a brother to do?


The Molokai Mule King. Los Liddle rides again!

Val, ridin her Liddle Smoothie.............. Smooth.

Friday, July 9, 2010


2 new templates 6'4''s MP influenced .

MP, in his prime.

6'4'' Burrito Deluxe with some new dim's.

These came out nice, I like the new tweek on templates.

I think these are going over to Mollusk Venice, ?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

6'8' 'M. PEACH

6'8'' Marty Peach , Marty's is still out there every swell , still riding his Liddles

Peach outline.

Peach colored logo, fit's .

I like this board.

2 more in transit

Take this, and add these 2 boards, stir well , drink um up! should fix up any HULLOHOLIC!!

2 new ones here next week, the 6'4'' NS/T is a new template.

Looks like Greg better stop mowing foam and mow the Grass!............. any ?