Friday, July 30, 2010


Marc and I swap boards now and again I just got this 3 stringer beauty .

Really hard to get a 11 or 12 ft board to have a nice curve and tryin not to make it to wide, Marc did a nice job on this one.

As I am getting older I really like the glide of the longer Vaqueros, they still have that Hull ride .

Marc and I used to surf a lot with Alan Hamilton in the early 7o's and he was a big influence on this board , Alan was the smoothest , most stylistic surfer around , Yater made some boards that Marc and I worked on like this one for him .

My Amigo , John Mellor snapped this and framed it for me ( thanks John ! )


  1. that camo one with the 2 nickels epoxied/ glued to it is light! i was ultra stoked to spend the day with marc yesterday. stoked to see him surf it.

  2. Thanks for posting those Mike , Marc said you were diggin you new OWL PIG!

  3. Anonymous8/03/2010

    i'd rather see a headliner photo of that pig rather than that gay pose on the car....