Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tres Liddle Hulls

6'6'' Burrito Deluxe 

This is a bit wider  22.75'' and a bit thicker 3 1/16''th .

These are 4 sale.

A'' rare red '' 7'7'' Hawiian Kine.

Deck Logo and resin pinline.

7'2'' GL/PB

Maybe 3 or 4 colored boards a year.

Yellow with Orange resin pinline and logo.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reef Smoothies

2 , 7'0'' Reef Smoothies

7'0'' n. 16 3/4 w. 21 5/8 t. 15 /3/4/
th. 2 7/8 

These are headed for  a couple of guys at the Froghouse in Newport.

S- Decked


Monday, April 1, 2013

Wild Thing

Esteban Bojorquez's Wild Thing is back at my place for a cleanup because it's going in the Surfing Heritage Museum's California Gold surfboard auction

Wild Thing was the last shorter board in his quest for the ultimate exstreme hull .

Restored by Esteban in the mid 80's

Im not sure when Liddle shaped this board.

2 3/8'' thick it's a blade , with resin bead foiled nose and tail.

6'91/2 '' of pure hull.

Bojo on rail.