Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trevor Gordon Shots

A few shots of Trevor by Mike Kew on a 7' Liddle Death board , looks like a slight down shift here.

Trimed up just right, thanks Kew for those , Mike also has a nice story in the new TSJ, check it out.

Friday, March 25, 2011

4 Fer Sail

R to L a 7'4'' Baby , 6'8'' Death board 6'6'' GN and a 6'4'' Burrito, the last 3 are going to Thalia surf shop.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sacred Craft Santa Cruz

Sacred Craft pics , this Andreini balsa gun was a show favorite.

I like Gene Coppers new speed shape, thin rails and a hull into a chine concave tail , old but new.


The man , Doug Haut , Craftsman, Stylemaster and all around good guy, the tribute to Doug came out really nice , Santa Cruz, Rich Novack and Wingnut did a nice job putting this together.

Brian , rappin down about the Gee Bee model.

Marc's gun , the burl wood nose block and fin were so sweet.

The gun up top and Rich Novack's Hotcurl on the bottom, Marc milled and glued up the hotcurl from a old redwood water tank and Jeff Canham did the letters , Rich's name in hawaiian. This one was just varnished, no glass.

Andreini with a bonzer a guy brought by that he shaped in 75 or 76 . I remembered working on this board on the bottom before it was glossed I india inked Campbell brothers bonzer design on the bottom and I mispelled DESIGN, Marc's brother Pete said hey KP watch out what you take credit for ! funny .

Josh's, Anderson slide and glide was a close 2nd for best in show.

Fun show and a nice job by the Santa Cruz guys .

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

8'0'' Liddle 80's copy

Paul ordered a kinda copy of an old 8'0'' Liddle he found used from around the 80's

I made a template off the old one and sent it to Greg , but told him to foil it like most of the new boards.

Here is the original .

This boards came out so nice , looks like the boards from 1968 World contest. I laid it next to my PHD 68 PR and the curves are the same.

Mild rolled V and nice even rocker, that nice curve in the back hip works so good backside, fun project.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


3rd time in for a rebuild on the Fatbastard, it was the 1rst Velo template Greg did for Hadley at 6'0'' .

n. 19 w. 22.50 t. 19

Patched and Bondo flush, also Steve put in a set of LocBox so he could try it as a twin keel. The board really changed as a twin it sat lower in the water and rolled up on rail so different than as a singlefin. It was a good experiment, now Im lookin for some LocBox Bonzer fins to try as siderunners.

A funny sidenote Greg and Hadley and myself were trading info and emails when this board was just a thought, then Steve called one day and says Im ready to order it, so I call Greg and say go ahead , Greg just says , it's DONE and on the way Im sick of talkin about that thing I just went out and made it. I call Steve and tell him it's done already be here in 4 days , WHAT? we got a good chuckel from that .

Gonna see if somebody has some sidebites for LocBox that might work up at Sacred Craft.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

GG Baby Surfboard Influence

Baby influenced surfboards I have , bottom to top a Miget Farelley stringerless from Aus. , next is a John Price Surfboards Hawaii V- bottom, and a Andreini #1 Vaquero, a Balsa Vaquero and a Liddle V- bottom.

I think that when Mctavish rode Baby with Greenough it really started his wheels turning and helped kick start the shortboard revolution, along with what Brewer was doing in Hawaii.

Some of the first V'bottoms were way crude here in the states , bad rocker , thicktails, and plastic fins. Over the years some of the better ones I have seen are G&S Skip Fryes, Yaters, Surfboards Hawaii and Morey/Pope Mctavish Trackers.

I love that part in the movie Fantastic Plastic Machine when Mctavish is explaining what the V- bottoms are all about to Skip and Munoz, a real turning point in surfboard history.


Somehow the new owner of the balsa Baby surfboard Greenough shaped let Mr. Tyler Warren take for it's first spin, very nice . The foil and deckline are way different than the original because of the blank that Huglin had .

So glad this thing finally got ridin , it's been buggin me for years knowing where it was hanging around just collecting dust.

Right where it belongs , I took these off Tyler's blog, surfknot. After George shaped this board and I found out about it I begged him to shape me a foam board, he just snickerd and said NO WAY shape one your self , I just didn't have anything to trade, DANG IT!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Restored the 8'3'' Andreini the last few days, Marc shaped this for me around 97 0r 98 we used Yaters shaping room. The board we were trying to kinda copy were the longer stringerless boards that were in Innermost Limits when they go camping and pull them out of the bush and surf that smaller point with Ted Spencer riding one.

I had the wrong blank for this but Marc did a good job, this is kinda the first Vaquero board. Graham Goodfield found it in the used board rack at the Beachouse in S.B. and bought it.

The deck was not to bad, the bottom was beat up a bit , so Bondo time and made a leash loop from a piece of fin.

Someone broke the finbox and glassed the True Ames 9'' that I sold with the board.

Ready to ride again , this is a good board Marc and rode for a number of years , Glad to have it back.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gregs Stringerless

7'1'' One of Gregs own boards, then sold to Matt Miller, rode hard and put up wet.

I fixed this thing for the last 18 yrs tryin to keep it going for Matt.

Rocky points and a no leash make it hard , it's been buckeled 3 times, Matt finally knew it was time to put it down a few years ago.

He dropped it off awhile ago to put in the collection. Today I flushed it out and patched it up for the last time, I bet this old steed could tell a few stories, I sent Greg the template a few weeks ago, maybe make some new ones.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Matt's new 6'4'' GN , I like this template , it's good all around , points, reefs, beachbreaks.

Good curve on the outline makes for a looser board.

Gonna get some more of these.

Very much like the boards Wayne Lynch rides in Sea of Joy towards the end of the film.

7'4'' Baby , like the board Greg made for Carlos in Spain.

This board has a bit more foam in it , good all around , a bit of V in front the fin box under your foot.

I think I need an 8'0'' like this.

The wide tail eats junk for lunch.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rogers Old Red Sled Done

Done and ready to ride .

Abstract bondo , no charge.

Back to flush.

This one was not that thrashed , so I think there is some good life left.