Friday, March 4, 2011


Matt's new 6'4'' GN , I like this template , it's good all around , points, reefs, beachbreaks.

Good curve on the outline makes for a looser board.

Gonna get some more of these.

Very much like the boards Wayne Lynch rides in Sea of Joy towards the end of the film.

7'4'' Baby , like the board Greg made for Carlos in Spain.

This board has a bit more foam in it , good all around , a bit of V in front the fin box under your foot.

I think I need an 8'0'' like this.

The wide tail eats junk for lunch.


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  3. I have 2 of the Baby 7'4'' forsale here

  4. Anonymous3/05/2011

    that header photo should be up there all the time.

  5. Anonymous3/06/2011

    I think you mean to say "like Wayne Lynch's at the end of Evo" not Sea of Joy. At the end of this film WL is surfing Cannon's on a gun.

  6. Anonymous3/06/2011

    ooh man, KP just got schooled. wow!

  7. Ok this has been bugging me . I can barely remember what I had for breakfast , but Its not in Evolution and not the end, those boards are 7'0'' and longer at Margret river. It is however in Sea of Joy at the begining and it's more of the style of board and how their surfing is what I am talking about. That said it is not at the end of Sea of Joy, more towards the first part of the film.

  8. By the way Paul Witzig is selling The Hot Generation, Evolution and Sea of Joy on DVD all remastered from his website all 3 for like 100.00 my friend Flo just got his today and said they are nice .

  9. Anonymous3/23/2011

    Part 1

    Re: “Friday, March 4, 2011 COUPLE OF NEW ONES”.

    More accurately, the caption in the 4th photo from the top should read: “Nothing at all like the boards Wayne Lynch rides in Sea of Joy.”

    So, I thought, ‘Well Jon, Wayne Lynch is sitting across the table from you. It was his board. He shaped it. Why not ask him?’ So I did.

    Wayne Lynch: “The board was @ 5’10-6’2” and 19 3/4” wide. It had a slight single concave all the way through (that would make it NOT a ‘hull’) and low, soft rails (also would make it NOT a ‘hull’).” Note: The “that would make it NOT a hull” comment(s) are my addition.

    Wayne also went on to state that in “Evolution” and “Sea Of Joy” that “as the boards got better, so did the surfing... you can tell.” He also added, “I never rode a ‘hull’ bottom. The bottoms on a couple of boards (The one at Margaret River was one) were ‘rolled’ a little and McTavish made them. They were crap. Absolute shit heap’s. And before and after that the bottoms were either slight concaves or flat with a bit of vee under the feet. Except the board at the end of “Evolution” where I was surfing in Kauai, that was a gun.”

    “KP”, as he now calls himself, is a wanker. Doesn’t bother to fact check i.e. “Looks like a board from the Puerto Rico World Contest” - what does that mean? But at the same time claims himself as some sort of ‘expert’ in board design. Which readers, is not true in general terms. He might be an expert on Liddle Surfboards and his own narcissistic needs, but beyond that it’s questionable and legitimately so.

    Frankly, the only thing I find more pathetic than me needing to set the record straight, is Kirk Putnam and the bullshit that flows from his self-focused web crap and childish ego. If the above statement wasn’t clear, I maintain he is full of shit and should be viewed as such.

    So, all this “Wayne Lynch, Evolution, Sea Of Joy, Puerto Rico World Contest” gibberish, is made up from the lack of actual knowledge or factual information of what “KP” purports to be an expert on.

    Based on actual fact, it's “KP’s” fantasy, not the truth. I suspect he’s misinformed enough people that he’s not alone in this fantasy. If you don't believe it, email Wayne. He’s not that inaccessible. His main sponsor is Patagonia. I’m sure “KP” knows Chouinard. “KP” appears to know everyone. So, Wayne would be easily contacted. Contact “KP” for a follow up with Chouinard who can contact Wayne and so on.

  10. Anonymous3/23/2011

    Part 2

    Wayne and myself surfed twice here in Australia yesterday. The first surf was at the point around the corner from Angourie. Oddly, there was myself, David ‘Baddy’ Trealor (he was in some film called “Morning of the Earth” or some such thing) and Wayne. I just did some ‘name dropping’ to make the readers and “KP” feel at home. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but ‘name dropping’ is a significant part of being a web expert and self-made ‘star’ in the world of surf bullshit, I mean “surf expertise”.

    At any rate, the surf was 4-6’ and the wave is fairly heavy. It’s a right. Wayne and David were childhood competitors and subsequently mates. They were having fun after not seeing each other for years. I was fortunate enough to witness it. We were doing this strange thing called surfing. It was not web based or virtual reality.

    Wayne rode a 6’6” x 19 3/4” pintail thruster, with a single concave that has some double concave mixed in between the fins. David was on a Neal Purchase Sr. 7’10” x 20” swallow tail thruster and I was on the only board that I had with me, a 6’0” x 19 1/2” Luke Short Design ‘Chubby Checker’ model, which like Wayne’s board, is a pretty standard bottom design with a single concave and some ‘double’ between the fins.

    There were no ‘hulls’. There were no ‘Evolution’ boards (although Wayne does do ‘replica’ models that are quite pricey but really nice) but certainly weren’t made for the waves we were riding. No “Puerto Rico World Contest” boards.

    There was, however, a lot of humor, a lot of fun and quite a lot of ‘taking the piss’ out of each other (that’s an Australian colloquialism; they don’t actually remove urine from each other), but no web manifested bullshit.

    Why? We live in the present and surf in the present, for one thing. And we still like to ride waves that those boards from the past wouldn’t ride properly, even now. Even though we are all nearing 60. Don’t get me wrong; ride what you like, what you enjoy, what blows your skirt up. But don’t confuse that with the misinformation you get from this web site or more succinctly, “KP”. And don’t think that you’re on some sort of ‘historical’ design with Australian origins traced to Wayne Lynch, etc. Because you’re not.

    Before you ‘drink the Kool Aid,’ do some homework. Don’t just believe someone who presents themselves as an ‘authority’ because they are ‘on the web’ and has the appearance of actually knowing what they are talking about.

    ©Jon Patton 2011

  11. Anonymous3/23/2011

    Note: I had Wayne look over the above and he said McTavish made only one board, that he rode near the start in "Sea Of Joy". He said "I was wearing a red/orange long john (in the sequence) and that was the only board that Bob made me. The rest of the boards were my shapes." He also notes that the wave he was surfing in Kauai was "not Cannon's".

    © Jon Patton 2011

  12. Anonymous4/04/2011

    you are missing the point.surfing is about fun, no matter what you ride. what kp and many others like are the hull type boards that were spawned in a exciting time in surf history and evolution. the puerto rico board is nothing more that a homage to that era and in particular the shapes that nat and wayne were riding there. what one might call mid-length(8 foot range) double enders. cool looking template and fun to watch how they surfed them. this has nothing to do with a wayne lynch made board, nat, mctavish,or anybody else, it's about looking back at that era, the boards and style of surfing and having that available to those who want it, be it old guys or the young guys who want to experience that through the boards. that's all it is-having fun and spreading it to others who are so inclined.

    oh yeah, tell us about your board building expertise.

  13. Anonymous4/09/2011

    internet tuff guy. please tell us about your experience in the surf industry, building boards and how long you have been at it(if at all). KP made a simple mistake and corrected himself.
    looks like a board from puerto rico contest means just that. a board made that looks similar to what some of the contestants were riding at that contest, in particular nat and wayne.

    KP does know a lot of people in the industry. he has been in it for decades and knows many of the major "players" as it be honest he's pretty much seen and experienced it all from longboard era to current time, not only surfing every type of board that's come down the pike, but also involved in the construction of same over the years.
    finally, to call someone as connected as KP full of shit,etc. is probably not a wise thing to do.

  14. Anonymous8/23/2012

    kp = wu tang... he aint nuthin to fuck with