Saturday, February 26, 2011

82 Cutback


Flo brought this by to sell a 7'2'' GL, last of the Clark blanks boards, just a few bondo filled dents on the bottom. Also last of the old style logo.

GL template, n. 17.50 w. 22 t. 15.25

Med. foil 2 7/8 thick.

550.00 with a fin. info here or , PS still have the 7'2'' Death board also.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Boat Work

Took mon. off to help with some boat maintance, my buddys Brad's 17ft Greenough.

Anderson just did a small makeover on this , just a few details that Brad worked out , this thing is bitchen.

Capt. Chamberlain with his new ride .

A few friends stop by thru the day Nate and Ryan came by for lunch both urchin divers off for the day due to the weather.

Jeff has really been putting the hours on his old / new Radon, Anderson rebuild so time to change out fluids and filters. As you can see by these 2 boats Anderson has this down pat.

1970 Liddle 5'4''

1969-70 liddle showroom.

The color has faded and yellowed with 41 years gone by, but it has survived and found it's way to my garage, with an original fin foiled by Krawjewski.

Around 1970 just before the world contest the aussies went really short 5ft to 6ft boards, Greg made a few of these , but it didn't take long to find out if you got just a little behind a section you just got swallowed. Pete who just bought that 6'5'' SH/RW came by to pickup his new ride and just gave this to me for the collection, very cool of him .

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7'2'' Liddle used

7'2'' Death Board template

Medium Foil.

A few normal dents in great shape.

650.00 both these used boards, the owners just ordered new boards , the 6'5'' just sold. Info


6'5'' SH/RW, great cond.

Just a few normal pressure dents on the deck.


Info, I have nice 7'0'' Death board used comin here today also.

Friday, February 18, 2011


A buddy found this gem in a trash can in Korea town, they sent me a few pictures and were trying to figure what the weird letters were. As soon as I saw the board I thought of old Liddle rider Roger Doucette. I then called Greg and he confirmed it was Rogers because Roger used to airbrush his own boards, I remember some of Jeff Ho's boards with the same type of letters. I emailed Roger lastnite and he was shocked it was found.

7'3'' L. 18.75'' N. 23'' W.15'' T. The new owner just had a very similar board copyed by Liddle a few weeks ago, so what are the chances of driving by and glancing a surfboard of any kind in a Koreatown trash can, and then pulling it out and it's a brand you know and then a shape you just ordered a few weeks before by the same shaper, then find out the original owner on my first guess, too weird.

Gonna patch this baby up and get it back in the water. I think it's from the 80's

Roger said he will call me tonite with more info.

Very much like one of Greg's own boards shape wise.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Went camping with my old friend Alan this last weekend, his garage art studio is a classic. Check those Liddles out scored at different times they are 25 boards apart on the serial # , both boards made around 1969

Nice early logo and textured deck, Yater influence.

Al's garage door has to be seen , a collage of old photo's and stickers. That's Mr. Bojorquez at a gig in San Pedro on his old Mosrite and old Roy.

Ya gotta love Hoppy, nice window of epic weather and that sneaker south made for a fun weekend.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Clips from my Amigo Alan Casagrande around 1982 or so on my Liddle 7'1'' Stringerless , that I still have.

Same board on my birthday in 82.

Same board , my Quiver was way smaller back then, maybe 4 or 5 boards , pretty much surfed this board and had a few smaller hulls and a semi gun and one big gun for the big stuff. For sure a few less gray hairs and a few less pounds.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Punker Pat layin down some rail on the Frankinstien Liddle.

Similar board Greg did for Carlos in Spain, a bit of rolled V in front of the box under your back foot, also a bit more hull forward.

S- deck 3 1/4 thick plus the wider tail , lets this board work good in beachbreaks and smaller surf very well, but also can carve in the goodstuff.

Miller and I have had one of these in our quivers for the last 15 years, props to Greenough,Cundith, Gross, Liddle.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Marc Andreini is back to his old form, it has not been easy but Marc has really worked to get back in shape after breaking his back last year, nice shot by Mike Kew.

Also Marc's been making some nice longboards for M&M Classics in Japan.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Had to put down our best friend last nite, Ginger 14 1/2 years of pure love, it's a sad day on the Round up, Rest in Peace Gin we will never forget you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This is a 7'6'' a bit thicker than the norm, also a rare red with deck logo.

MP3 type template, good for bigger guys or first time Huller.

Red Sled.

This is like a custom Greg did for our buddy Carlos from Spain, this board a 7'4'' like one of Matt Millers, was influenced by the Greenough Baby surfboard in my last post here.

There is a slight rolled V in front of the fin box and a bit more hull in the front third. This design works really well in all around surf. This one is also a bit thicker, both for sale

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Greenough shaped Baby around 62 out of left over balsa from his first balsa spoon, I think Bob McTavish scarfed some nose rocker and the Waveset box in 65, lots of guys rode this threw the years on visits with George and locals around Santa Barbara.

I think this board is a direct influence on Bob to make the first V- bottom's and also the Morey- Pope Tracker.

Long story short , Greg Huglin had a balsa blank and traded George a len's he had to shape this copy of Baby. Greenough has only shaped a few surfboards and the original Baby got lost a long time ago, trust me I've looked, it's forsale at this time. ( not cheap ) I have Huglins contact info.

One off, Pretty cool to have this .