Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Went camping with my old friend Alan this last weekend, his garage art studio is a classic. Check those Liddles out scored at different times they are 25 boards apart on the serial # , both boards made around 1969

Nice early logo and textured deck, Yater influence.

Al's garage door has to be seen , a collage of old photo's and stickers. That's Mr. Bojorquez at a gig in San Pedro on his old Mosrite and old Roy.

Ya gotta love Hoppy, nice window of epic weather and that sneaker south made for a fun weekend.

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  1. kirk, thanx for posting up the photos here and at displacmentia. great memories of what was going on along time ago. Those textured decks were brutal on a gremmies chest and legs, even with the deck waxed!!!!!