Friday, February 25, 2011

1970 Liddle 5'4''

1969-70 liddle showroom.

The color has faded and yellowed with 41 years gone by, but it has survived and found it's way to my garage, with an original fin foiled by Krawjewski.

Around 1970 just before the world contest the aussies went really short 5ft to 6ft boards, Greg made a few of these , but it didn't take long to find out if you got just a little behind a section you just got swallowed. Pete who just bought that 6'5'' SH/RW came by to pickup his new ride and just gave this to me for the collection, very cool of him .


  1. Nat rode a 5'11'' Keyo at Malibu that summer, and there's one quick shot of him in Cosmic Children from that session.

    Greg said that Nat told them, "This is what you need," referring to the monster fin on his micro stubby. (12" deep at least!)

    I remember passing Steve K and Steve Wemple driving along PCH once going the other way, and I could see the fins sticking out of their board from like 500 yards away! It was insane how big they were. I'm surprised the fin boxes lasted more than a few go outs with all that leverage torquing against them.

    It didn't take long for everyone to realize the boards were too short, and the fins were too big.

    During that era, I had a 5'6" Wilderness with a wide arc tail, and a 10 inch deep glass-on flex fin, set back on the tail. It's worked pretty good in the cove at Rincon if it was clean, but was hopeless at Malibu. My next board was 6'1", and it felt like a full gun in comparison.

  2. grateful2/27/2011

    good stuff.
    the wealth of info that comes from you guys that were there is like candy to us who were not.
    it's all helpful as well as interesting.
    thank you very much.

  3. Anonymous2/28/2011

    no of the people well worth listening to is the above poster-PG.

  4. Anonymous3/02/2011

    agreed. Pg has a wealth of knowledge all things surf-(and many non-surf related)-and in particular these hull boards we all love so much.when he speaks it is a good idea to sit back and take notes because you will always learn something from him, be it surf related or not.
    el vaquero