Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7'2'' Liddle used

7'2'' Death Board template

Medium Foil.

A few normal dents in great shape.

650.00 both these used boards, the owners just ordered new boards , the 6'5'' just sold. Info kirkripper@yahoo.com


  1. Anonymous2/24/2011

    what's the deal with all the wayne lynch photos?

  2. Those pics, are of myself back in the 80's pulled from Super 8 movies my amigo Alan Casagrande shot .

  3. Hey KP love the Blog and am stoked on seeing some rad Hulls. I am currently living Down under as an ex-pat from SB. Used to work at the beach house so I know all the crew( Kim R, Marc A, Rodger etc..) and am coming home around June to visit friends and family and was keen on a Liddle. Looking for a 6'8 to 7ish. I currently own two Vaqueros 7', 7'4" and a 6'4" Stubbie 2+1 Don Mateo model shaped by a local Goldcoast fella for me-Mateo-. Anyway hit me up on my e-mail and would love to link up whilst i'm back this summer.


    Mateo Plummer~~~MP

  4. Anonymous2/25/2011

    mateo- you met my wife during the christmas time. her name is andy and stays at the family compound in currumbin. she was hanging out with her sister and toni sawyer(former female pro from there) a lot. not sure if you guys met at the alley, snapper or where. she told me about you and i couldn't quite picture who you were. mateo (in the usa.) aka, el vaquero

  5. Mateo, sound good .

  6. MM -yeah saw your lady walking up the beach with a Liddle. Spotted it from a country mile and had to find out what it was doing around here. I surf with Toni at Caba all the time she is a cool chick! When your out next we got to go on a Hull mission where the waves are good and the crowds are thin( Not the Goldy).

    I will let you both know when I arrive in CA. Check out this link as well


  7. Anonymous2/26/2011

    mateo- it's a small-or should i say "liddle" world!
    el vaquero