Sunday, October 30, 2011

8'8'' Andreini Balsa

Serena's 8'8'' chambered balsa gun, saw this on Two Birds Fly blog.

Marc glues these up himself.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Millers 8'0'' Jaws

Matt Millers 8'0'' Jaws , getting close to Halloween seemed like a good time to paint Matt's board.

Gotta wonder what a big Whitey would think of if he rolled up on this board and looked up.

One of Jonny's tubiculer foiled fins, Matt says he likes them.



2'' 7/8's thick and foiled very thin on the rails. PS, talked to Liddle this am and he is healed up and shaping again so if anybody wants to order a board , let me know, or

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Santa Fe / Estaban Bojorquez

We took our first trip to see Estaban Bojorquez in Santa Fe, NM..... Dr. Fez lives

Built by Bojo.

His new art studio.

Front yard.

Life size, at one of many museums we saw.

Estaban, Denise and myself at 516 Arts Gallery in Alburquerque, NM, opening for Superheros their new exhibition, they chose Mr. Bends to be in the show , 16 artist from all over the globe and 2 from New Mexico and Estaban was chosen a very big honor, a very cool show.

Brunch at the famous Cowboy grill, I had to have chicken fried steak.

Casa de Bojo new fireplace.

This was at Kowboys vintage store I don't have a clue how this showed up in Santa Fe, I bought a lot of stuff there over the years .

A classic LC.

New museum in Santa Fe. Glad to hang with Estaban and Karen and her mom Vivian . After hanging out for the last 25+ yrs everyday , they lived right around the corner from us, it was good to see them.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dos Restaurar

Hadley's 7'1'' asym back to flush.

Ready to go, till the next time in .

Slight asym on the whole template.

That long patch up was a full on run over from a slow clueless paddler, ouch!

Bondo Bullet # 2

Next up is Paul C's, Tony Masiel 8'0'' Flextail.

Flushed out some bad dents on the deck and one delam.

Tony has the side fins tuned super nice, tiny flex fins.

Bondo the bottom flush, this one was ridin hard and put up wet, ready for the 2nd owner.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sacred Craft

You can pick your friends , You can pick your nose , but you can't pick your friends nose , maybe not? Mr. Liddle's spot in the Billabong tribute to the shapers of LA, My old buddy Royce Cansler did a great job for a good cause.

Our booth.

First one up was Greg's 6'10'' GL pointbreaker. Fernando, founder of Reef got Greg's board.

GL , Info.

Old Liddle Hull heads Paul Diamond and Saf.

Glad to see Jeff ho's POP take top dollor for the night.

I think Fernando also got Brian's MP.

Chris Christensen's 53 Triumph bobber was a sweet ride . Fun show and some fun surf and good weather . Props to Scott Bass and Royce Cansler from Billabong also Alan and Julia Casagrande for putting us up every year since Sacred Craft started, THANKS!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sacred Craft

Sacred Craft time.

Andreini, Fineline, Anderson will be there come by and say Howdy.