Sunday, October 16, 2011

Santa Fe / Estaban Bojorquez

We took our first trip to see Estaban Bojorquez in Santa Fe, NM..... Dr. Fez lives

Built by Bojo.

His new art studio.

Front yard.

Life size, at one of many museums we saw.

Estaban, Denise and myself at 516 Arts Gallery in Alburquerque, NM, opening for Superheros their new exhibition, they chose Mr. Bends to be in the show , 16 artist from all over the globe and 2 from New Mexico and Estaban was chosen a very big honor, a very cool show.

Brunch at the famous Cowboy grill, I had to have chicken fried steak.

Casa de Bojo new fireplace.

This was at Kowboys vintage store I don't have a clue how this showed up in Santa Fe, I bought a lot of stuff there over the years .

A classic LC.

New museum in Santa Fe. Glad to hang with Estaban and Karen and her mom Vivian . After hanging out for the last 25+ yrs everyday , they lived right around the corner from us, it was good to see them.

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  1. Anonymous10/17/2011

    friggin' cool! totally dig the work of bojo-art, yard, fireplace,etc. always with such style...
    el vaquero