Saturday, July 30, 2011

8'5'' PHD Hot Generation

8'5'' HG for Kim, Brian did a really nice job on this one.

6oz. Volan glassjob by Aquatech, 6oz bottom 6oz deck with a 4oz 3/4 deckpatch. Shown here with one of my alltime favorite fins a 9.75 Paul Gross made me 17 years ago, still twanging along. By the way Paul Gross is having a hell of a sale going for his 4th gear flyer surf mats right now.

Bottom .


More info

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leo's Andreini's

Old Amigo Leo camped out with us at Leo last weekend and brought a few boards . This one is a 7'4'' stringerless that Marc shaped for him, I really liked this one.

This one is a 6'o'' Quad that Leo and Marc have been workin on, I think he likes this one alot and have made a few for Mollusk with good feed back.

Leo and Marc go way back.

The 7'4'' again

7'4'' Foil, good to hangout and camp with Leo and Nancy his wife for a few days .

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pat's Last Ride

Had a last paddle out for our beloved friend Patrick Malak , who passed last Nov. Here's Alan Casagrande with his water camara and Pat's bag of ashes in his backpack goin for one last ride at Leo one of Pat's favorite spot's

Alan going out with Pat for the last time.

Just close family and friends, such a nice weekend to camp there, good weather and a few waves.

I was paddling out to the pack and had to snag this one.

Paddling out with my daughter Erin, nice to have here back in town for awhile, she is getting her teaching degree at CSUN this fall.

Buddy Bill Kaiser gave a nice few well chosen words and we sent Pat back to the Sea, a nice NW wind caught Pat's ashes and I mixed in one of his favorite brews. Pat will be there all the time now, and that's pretty cool. Back to the campsites for a few drinks some good BQ by Nui Nui. All in all a nice send off to a loyal friend a good brother and a great uncle, Via con Dios Pat.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Made in the USA

My Red Wings, I have resold these 4 or 5 times , made in the USA.

One more go round, they fit like a pair of old gloves, I went to get some new ones and most of the Redwing line is made overseas now but they still make Irishsetters here in the US.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hiding in Plainsight

3rd of July

8mm grab myself 1980's 7'0'' stringerless.

The man who shot some of the 8mm I use here layin some rail over, Alan Casagrade on my old 7'11' V- bottom Liddle I sold him.

3rd was fun nice wind swell that whole weekend.

The PAYC boys hiding out way up north for the month of July.

Ryan Conder grabs a bit of rail on his 7'1'' Liddle.

Ryan again.

My better half Hiding in the backyard for the traffic weekend.

Tex Ritter layin down some Vaqueros tune sat. am westerns.

RC once more.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Over The Hill

Come with us to Malibu my friend, Trace kidnapped me for the afternoon.

Big Johnny's racks

My malibu bodyguard, Mr. Goss, sporting some GUN"S

Over threw the canyon, Oso and me tryin not to get car sick in the back.

We all got a few goodones and I saw some old friends, glad Trace made me go. the real trouble started when we hit La Paz happy hour.

Saturday, July 9, 2011



M. Peach




Saturday, July 2, 2011

Random Picks

First shaped board 1969

My son flyin some color.

From one of my favorite campsites.

My daughters, roadbike, she rode this one from Olympia Wa. to L.A.

Liddles, talked to Greg yesterday he is doing ok after his shoulder surgery.

Punker Pat , layin some rail.

8mm frame grab , myself 1982?

Kyle Albers, Hulling along.

National Resophonic Tricone Squareneck, finally building these again after 50 yrs.

A must have for goofyfoots , built to turn LEFT!! I really miss going to Ascot with my Dad.