Saturday, July 2, 2011

Random Picks

First shaped board 1969

My son flyin some color.

From one of my favorite campsites.

My daughters, roadbike, she rode this one from Olympia Wa. to L.A.

Liddles, talked to Greg yesterday he is doing ok after his shoulder surgery.

Punker Pat , layin some rail.

8mm frame grab , myself 1982?

Kyle Albers, Hulling along.

National Resophonic Tricone Squareneck, finally building these again after 50 yrs.

A must have for goofyfoots , built to turn LEFT!! I really miss going to Ascot with my Dad.


  1. Anonymous7/05/2011

    i'm sure liddle really digs having his logo next to a bunch of tats....

  2. Anonymous7/05/2011

    perhaps he got the idea of doing the multi-colored logo from the tat on junior putnam's arm. ever think of that? what i want to know is which guy are you (KP) aiming for coming out of the bottom turn?
    el vaquero

  3. Anonymous7/06/2011

    You keep this shite rollin' Californio...saludos, amor, y pestas to your daughter for that road trip. Uncle Mace

  4. Anonymous7/06/2011

    Oh yeah: to the tat/Liddle commentator: Take a suck pill, you pinched-up mama's boy. Don't you have a League of Womens Voters meeting to monitor? -Uncle Mace

  5. Anonymous7/07/2011

    pinched up?! the sh-t is oozing out of his ears he's so pinched up...
    el vaquero