Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hillside Festival

One of my Hero's David Lindley.Were chuckling over a story I reminded him of at McCabes guitar shop a long time ago.

Our God daughter Karla Kay, just lost a few choppers


Smallest type Falcon in Northern America.

Slide guitarist Mr. Dave layin down some nice tones on his beloved Weissenborn lapsteel.

Kim Wilson and the Faboulus Thunderbirds, funday on sunday a fundraiser for the hillsides of Ventura so they STAY undeveloped.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Santa Barbara Museum

If your in Santa Barbara on a weekend you have to stop by the 2 Museum's that James O Mahoney has put together, this little collection of photos is Jim's Grandparents, both early pioneers in aviation.

The cowboy and indian part is too much.

One of only 2 chumash bows know to have survived.

1954 RV breakfast menu , with Leo Carillo's personel gun, Leo was a Rancho Vistadore.

SB history.

Jim's Dad was Jock Mahoney the actor/stuntman and was the first Tarzan.

I think his Grandparents had taken him on safari and around the world 2 or 3 times by the time Jim was a teenager.

Glady was areal barnstomer in her day .

Grandpa Odonnell, nice logo!

This is the new museum Jim put together , right next door is the Surfing museum but thats a another story. Both museums are right behind the Beachouse surfshop on Helana st. in the old Channel Islands shop.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Shapes and Hulls

Found this gem on Swaylocks, A new Tim Bowler flextail! , I looked close at the foil on that fin and it's just like the one on the flextail Tim made me 36 yrs ago in the last post.

Tim was always his best test rider, one of the most talented surfers I ever got to shared the water with and a great craftsman.

With influence from Liddle, Greenough, Yater, Bradbury and more he always had his own shaping style, very cool to see some of his new work and really weird for it to pop up after that last post.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dos Flextails

Left is my 1975 Shapes and Hulls, shaped by Tim Bowler and glassed by Tony Masiel. On the right is Tony's 8'0''

Same concept, a variable tail rocker that when working and tuned just right gives the board some extra puch out of a turn or cutback.

To much flex and the board starts to feel wishie washie, to stiff and the low rocker makes the board to stiff. They are kinda a pain in the ass , the corners are always stress cracking and need upkeep. I sold mine in 1977 and never saw it again till the late John Bauwers found it at a Hope Ranch garage sale and bought it and sold it back to me. It has the same wax job I gave it back in 1977 it had never been ridin just put up in a rafter and sat for 30 plus years, I have 4 of Bowlers old boards and they all have had a strange way of finding there way back to me

Saturday, September 10, 2011

8'0'' Tony Masiel Flextail

A buddy found this gem in the ventura surf shop, Tony Masiel's personal 8'0'' flextail.

Tony is a true underground hullohaulic and has made more flextail boards than most. He glassed for Liddle in the summer when Greg got to busy to do everything, we surfed alot together over the years .

Tony is a long time fireman/ paramedic and makes a few boards for his son's and a couple of friends, A really good surfer and shaper. Paul brought this buy for a restore job .

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Los Vaquero Gamboa

Jimmy got Andreini to make him a 8'0'' Vaquero pintail last year, looks like he put his Red Sled to some good use this week. In this shot he's lookin way down the line.

Clean line off the bottom.

Slight step up and pull up tight.

Thread the needle.

Come out in 3rd gear, feels alright.

Shift into 4th and start over, lookin to see where to lay it over on rail again.

Jimmy's 8'0'' Red Sled

Nice lines.