Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dos Flextails

Left is my 1975 Shapes and Hulls, shaped by Tim Bowler and glassed by Tony Masiel. On the right is Tony's 8'0''

Same concept, a variable tail rocker that when working and tuned just right gives the board some extra puch out of a turn or cutback.

To much flex and the board starts to feel wishie washie, to stiff and the low rocker makes the board to stiff. They are kinda a pain in the ass , the corners are always stress cracking and need upkeep. I sold mine in 1977 and never saw it again till the late John Bauwers found it at a Hope Ranch garage sale and bought it and sold it back to me. It has the same wax job I gave it back in 1977 it had never been ridin just put up in a rafter and sat for 30 plus years, I have 4 of Bowlers old boards and they all have had a strange way of finding there way back to me


  1. Anonymous9/11/2011

    history is fun.

  2. History IS fun, getting OLD is not!

  3. Anonymous9/12/2011

    add grouchy to that KP!
    el vaquero

  4. Mr. T. Masiel emailed me the other day and made a few comments on his flextail. The 8'0'' was a good board with out the flextail design and he wanted to see the difference on a board he already new very well, so he retro fitted the flextail and he said he liked it better after abit more punch and drive out of turns, After a couple of back operations the past few years I think Tony is riding a bit longer boards of the same design.