Saturday, September 10, 2011

8'0'' Tony Masiel Flextail

A buddy found this gem in the ventura surf shop, Tony Masiel's personal 8'0'' flextail.

Tony is a true underground hullohaulic and has made more flextail boards than most. He glassed for Liddle in the summer when Greg got to busy to do everything, we surfed alot together over the years .

Tony is a long time fireman/ paramedic and makes a few boards for his son's and a couple of friends, A really good surfer and shaper. Paul brought this buy for a restore job .


  1. that place gets all the gems.

  2. dogleg yours is filled , almost ready for the art department.

  3. Anonymous9/12/2011

    i walked into the ventura surf shop and saw that board on the floor, in front of counter. i knew, by being there, it was either coming in or going out. anyway, some young guy was at counter when i walked in, saw the board and said"hey, that's tony's board". guy kinda looked at me as i lifted it up to check the bottom. i was kinda trippin' that it was there and no tony around. turnes out the guy at counter was the person who purchased the board.i call Kp and tell him what i just saw and he ALREADY knows the story and the kid who bought it. now KP has it. i don't get it. i'm there in real time and yet KP- several miles away- already knew what was up. pool guy my ass, you're a cia spook.....
    el vaquero