Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dos Restaurar

Hadley's 7'1'' asym back to flush.

Ready to go, till the next time in .

Slight asym on the whole template.

That long patch up was a full on run over from a slow clueless paddler, ouch!

Bondo Bullet # 2

Next up is Paul C's, Tony Masiel 8'0'' Flextail.

Flushed out some bad dents on the deck and one delam.

Tony has the side fins tuned super nice, tiny flex fins.

Bondo the bottom flush, this one was ridin hard and put up wet, ready for the 2nd owner.


  1. thank you
    'KPs FlushWorks'

  2. Anonymous10/15/2011

    love the bondo boards