Friday, February 4, 2011


Had to put down our best friend last nite, Ginger 14 1/2 years of pure love, it's a sad day on the Round up, Rest in Peace Gin we will never forget you.


  1. so sorry.
    she had an AMAZING & HAPPY life.
    her great spirit lives on.

  2. Anonymous2/04/2011

    oh man-say it ain't so! good ol' gingy. seems like it was just yesterday when i was taking night classes at csun and would drop by for dinner. ginger was just a pup, and for some reason she loved to smell and like my feet.(always wore flip-flops back then).many fun adventures with her since those early days. man-o-man, can't believe she's gone on to doggie ya ginger!
    e, vaquero

  3. Anonymous2/04/2011

    Very sorry to hear this. She was a wonderful family member. My condolences.


  4. Good vibes to you.. sorry to hear of your loss..

  5. bojorquez2/05/2011

    Ginger was one of the best dogs ever - now with Lovie...
    so sad to hear this, love to the family.
    steve and karen and mac

  6. Anonymous2/05/2011

    ~dang... sorry about ginger kp..couldnt have been a sweeter dog.. had a better life and nicer parents.... a~j& bongo~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  7. Anonymous2/05/2011

    I drop in to look at the beautiful boards, I don't know you. But I just went through the same thing, so I feel for you. It's a real loss, it can kind of blow you away how deeply you go into mourning. Take care. Beautiful sweet looking dog.

  8. Thanks all for the kind thoughts, she was the best.

  9. so sorry kirk- all our best to you and yours.

  10. Sorry to hear of this KP. I wish peaceful hearts to you and to the rest of your family.

  11. a wise friend once said that it's a blessing dogs have lives shorter than ours... that way we can make sure they have the best lives possible from beginning to end.
    my condolences, kirk.

  12. so sorry. our K9's are the best at unconditional love!