Tuesday, March 15, 2011


3rd time in for a rebuild on the Fatbastard, it was the 1rst Velo template Greg did for Hadley at 6'0'' .

n. 19 w. 22.50 t. 19

Patched and Bondo flush, also Steve put in a set of LocBox so he could try it as a twin keel. The board really changed as a twin it sat lower in the water and rolled up on rail so different than as a singlefin. It was a good experiment, now Im lookin for some LocBox Bonzer fins to try as siderunners.

A funny sidenote Greg and Hadley and myself were trading info and emails when this board was just a thought, then Steve called one day and says Im ready to order it, so I call Greg and say go ahead , Greg just says , it's DONE and on the way Im sick of talkin about that thing I just went out and made it. I call Steve and tell him it's done already be here in 4 days , WHAT? we got a good chuckel from that .

Gonna see if somebody has some sidebites for LocBox that might work up at Sacred Craft.

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