Thursday, January 5, 2012

Liddle / Leroy Grannis shot

Greg in front of his first shop, Jacobs and Yater dealer and repairs. I have never seen this shot before, taken by the late great Leroy Grannis.


  1. Greg just emailed me and said Grannis did not shoot that pic, it was his wife Sue or a friend , still a nice pic.

  2. Anonymous1/06/2012

    looks like some kind of mad professor, brewing something up in that shop. something very special...

  3. Anonymous1/09/2012

    E=Mc hulled

  4. Hey KP, I have a cool 7'4'' hull shape with that same Jacobs logo. The board has a waveset fin and looks to be from about 68' or 69'. Any idea who could have shaped it if other than Jacobs himself? Was Jacobs one of the first to make an S-deck?