Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hawaiian Kind

7'2'' and 7'4'' Hawaiian Kind's

These 2 are going to Mollusk SF , getting ready for fall .

This design is very refined as Greg rides this type of board in Hawaii , a hull that can handle some power!

A bit more nose rocker to handle the drops.

And the 2 plus 1 fin setup to put some rail over and not have any loseness.

n. 16'' w. 21'' t. 14'' th. 2''15/16's

These are good in all kind 's of surf .


  1. Anonymous8/26/2012

    i had a 7'4" one of those. pretty sure it was the second one greg ever made-his being the first of course. it was after he returned from initial trip to where he lives now. that board ripped. definitely the one board quiver kind of thing.small surf, big surf, reef, beach break or points, it loved them all.
    el vaquero