Sunday, September 6, 2009

Old Super 8 Hull Pics

On my birthday in 1980, 7'1'' Liddle stringerless, I still have this board

198o's the left off County Line on a 8'2'' Liddle asymmetrical, arctail on my forhand and pulled roundtail on my backhand, this board was about 2.50'' thick.

7'1'' again, I dont know if I can still get that LOW.

Alan Casagrande , Baja 1978 or so , 7'4'' Liddle V- bottom template I did with Greg, Al shot all this stuff, I just shot it off my TV. Alan still has this board also.


  1. i remember some years in the later 70's that left was really good at CL. awsome pics

  2. I think the sand comin out of that little canyon used to help.

  3. Nice shots. Really dig the speed crouch. Man, I need to go to Peru.