Sunday, February 21, 2010

1968 to 1976 to 2010 BACK TO THE FUTURE

8'4'' Hot Generation PHD , This design is really working well, I've been riding these off and on for years , first Marc and I made a few in 76 when we worked at Yaters together, then I had Liddle make some and now Brian and I are doing um.

Its from one of my favorite era's 67 to 68 the boards went short , but you still had longboard style, the aussies got it right because Greenough was there. Back here we were hampered by bad rocker and plastic fins . Its fun to get to refine these old designs with the right foil, rocker and fins . Much like an early pig board you can turn off the back hip and step up to the trim spot. Some guys did some right back then, Skipper/GS, Yater, John Price surfboards Hawaii, Morey- Pope and a few more.

Marc with his 9'0'' and me with a Yater classic 8'0'' round pin, man we were a couple of surfhounds back then.

My 7'11'' Stringerless Andreini , nice bowl cut !

I think those 501's were a 28'' waist !! That board was so much fun . We could ride small Rincon and the other SB points when everybody was on smaller gunnier boards. Marc and I were laughing about these times yesterday 34 years later.


  1. Anonymous2/21/2010

    I want one.

  2. Anonymous2/21/2010

    Please send that one up to Mollusk SF. Somebody bought the last one before I had a chance.

  3. I think Brian just did an 8'0'' for Mollusk SF.

  4. Anonymous2/22/2010

    Even better. I really like the no logo look on the finelines he's been doing for them.

  5. Anonymous2/23/2010

    No logo's ? Kooook! stand up and be proud about what you ride!

  6. Anonymous2/23/2010

    Yeah, I guess Brians a real kook. All those years of shaping and no logo's. What's he thinking. Maybe a big Redbull sticker would make them look better.

  7. Classic photos from back in the day, thanks!

  8. Anonymous2/24/2010

    Wank from a wanker...