Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Liddle Shaping Again

First batch from Mr. Liddle since his shoulder surgery healed up.

2 6'10''s , 1 6'9'' 1 6'6'' and 2 6'0''s I will have a Hull short stack with a side of Flexfins please.

6'10'' GL/PB , just wetsanded this to 400 grit.



Greg still shaping , glassing , sanding , finishing every board by hand.

Info kirkripper@yahoo.com

43 years of refinement , a Liddle goes a long way.


  1. Kp I have recently fallen in love with convex, do you have any tips on shaping a hull I'm thinking about the same shape as a burrito deluxe without the side bites. Anything will help. I live in Leucadia in north county San Diego if you ever come down maybe you can look at the finished shape and give some critiques on it too

  2. If the tail gets over 16'' wide I would suggest sidebites.

  3. What do side bites do? Do they affect the speed, or the ride at all? All of the hulls I have riden have been single fins. I reallly like how the feel of them are too

  4. Sidebite fins just help the board hold in better. Greg and myself think you can tune any of these boards with just one fin . I like just one fin, a bit faster and more neutral handeling.

  5. Anonymous11/11/2011

    haha andrew

  6. how do short hulls work like say 5'6 or 5'8 I have shaped a 5'4 and i paddled it out and caught a few waves and then deemed the board un rideable and sold it so is there a secret to shorter hulls?
    and shut up jimmy haha

  7. Andrew, short hulls 6'6''( IMO ), and under don't have much glide out of turns, you have to pump them to keep them going much like any other short board. Liddle has been refining these boards for 40+ years , so to shape one and have it be what you think you want for your first few is hard to do. Also deeming a board unridable after a few waves? RIDE IT, and try and figure out whats wrong so next time you will know what not to do.

  8. Anonymous11/12/2011

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  9. Anonymous11/12/2011

    andrew we should start our own label! it'd be sick!

  10. Anonymous11/12/2011

    hey kirk, i found a 7'4" on craigslist and i weigh only 130 lbs

    i really like riding narrow-tailed, full outlined hulls (rather than wide tailed stubbies) and the one that i am looking at has a 15 inch tail...
    it has really bladed rails (supposedly) and is 2 3/4 thick

    do you think that this board will be too big for someone as small as me?