Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I got a new 9'4'' Vaquero , I gave Marc a new tail template with more back hip.

A lighter blank with 6oz. glassjob, not to heavy.

A bit more hull up front and nice V under the back foot.

Came out nice .

With that tail curve had to go a bit wider w. 23.75 n. 17.25 t. 15.25

This one is Dan Malloy's 8'3'' Hot Generation.

Brian has these down pat, not easy to get this shape out of current blanks.


  1. i'm on board with an 8'3 like that

  2. That lenght 8' to 8'6'' seems to be the best so far .

  3. The new Vaquero is smokin hot!

  4. The 9'4''outline is a combo of my 8'4'' PHD and Andreini's Vaquero. Im off to try and get this wet today.

  5. Anonymous12/26/2011

    Looks like there's a bit more tail rocker than the shorter ones. hows it go?

  6. Got some fun waves 3 to 4 ft , felt like an old freind , super smooth trims really well. It dosn't ride like a 9'4''extra curve helps backside turns, Marc adds that tail rocker on the longer ones or they just get to stiff.