Thursday, March 15, 2012

Grahams Birthday

The Queen.

Big Bug.

Urchin shooters went fast.

Some tuna and veggies.

Lets eat!

After dinner Dan took me down to see what he did to his 6'6'' Liddle , crazy?

Got cold as soon as the sun went down , Matt and Emma flyin Vaqueros jackets.

3 generations of Goodfields, that's Graham holding the pin'ata and this new Goodfield is his boy Hugo and in the blue shirt is Grandpa Lou .

The Kids had a blast with the Corona pin'ata.

Good friends, good food , nice day.


  1. Anonymous3/16/2012

    Guessing Dan is regular foot?

  2. Mr. D Malloy is regular foot.

  3. Anonymous3/17/2012

    tell ya what's crazy-dan surfing that thing in 10 foot surf at a notorious point/reef break just north of there.

  4. Anonymous3/30/2012

    shaped by ryan lovelace should be mentioned....