Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4 Super Smoothies

Just did 4 of these, this one's mine a 8'7''

Been missing one of these, sold my last one to a buddy.

8'7'' n. 18'' 3/8 w. 23'' 1/2 t. 15'' th 3''

Got 2 8'4''s this one is sold .

8'4'' n. 18'' 1/2 w. 23'' 1/2 t. 15'' th 3''

Got a 8'7'' and a 8'4'' for sale .

info kirkripper@yahoo.com

U.S. foam med. green , glass , decks 6oz. volan and 4 oz. silean , bottom 6oz. volan , sanded gloss. 2 layers of volan over the finbox


  1. hi Kirk,
    Please check your emails ref. that other 8'7.

  2. Anonymous4/12/2012

    It's silene, not silean.

  3. Yor luckee I evan got that close.

  4. Kirk, very interested in this one!
    Please don't forget to look for my emails.
    Thanks, Juan

  5. I got my new 8'7'' in the water yesterday , works great , at 8'7'' on the bigger more powerful waves it just flys so you can put it up on the rail and on the smaller little peelers you can kinda work it like a longboard.I have one 8'4'' left in this batch, these can be made from 8'2'' to 9'0'' the template is like the Death board just pushed up and out to fit the curves.