Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tom Sims Passes

Tom Sims Passed yesterday , this photo is of Tracy Robinson , Tom Sims , Tom Adler and Myself  around 1978 at Tom's mountain drive house in Santa Barbara . Tom Adler and I were working for Sims skateboards at this time . I met Tom in the early 70's when he came in the 1st Channel Islands shop where I was working at the time and we became instant friends . Tom was a real innovator in the skateboard and snowboard world as I am sure you all know. We did so many cool things together , I will miss he greatly and I am thinking about his family at this time , Rest in Peace Tom.


  1. Anonymous9/14/2012

    whoa! what the heck? was this unexpected or was he battling cancer or something?

    in any case, rip tom...
    el vaquero

  2. Massive heart attack, on sunday am , and never came out of it.

  3. Tom Sims with his charging ten foot rincon carving long skateboards like nobody . a big part of my growing up 1972-1976 God bless you , Steve Monahan