Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boardroom Show

Chuck Ames and Bill Bahne, 2 fin gurus.

Hydro Hulls

Hilburs and Andreini

Hot Generation PHD, and one of Andreini's Double Enders.

Good Buddy, Wayne Rich in the hot seat as MR watches.

Hilburs with a Jaws board.

7'1'' of pure hull.

Lance Carson 


Andreini won best of show longboard.

Wayne Rich booth.

Wegeners. Fun show all in all , and we got a little surf also.


  1. Go to Hull! All of ya! Wait...yer already there.

    Beautiful work gents! I love them all!

  2. Anonymous10/11/2012

    forget how to smile kp?

  3. Anonymous10/11/2012

    looks like he just woofed down a chili rellano,bean and cheese burrito chased by a tecate and now he's feeling it-but in a position where he has to hold it all in until he can break free from the crowds and let loose!
    el vaquero

  4. Anonymous10/13/2012

    mo' betta! that jaws is really bitchin btw...

  5. 2 of my favourite and most inspirational shaper mr hilbers and andreini in the same place,goshhhhh why do i live so far away...say hi for me and congrats these master of curves.

    ciao ciao !!!

  6. Nice fin on the 7'1" ;-)

  7. Hey Jonny , people were trippin out on your fin .

  8. Probably scared is the more proper response. haha.. I enjoyed the coverage. Those 6'2 stubs for the boys are excellent! I'll try and get one of them on film.

  9. Very nice, thanks for sharing.