Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tom Carroll

Tom Carroll on his new 6'0'' Liddle Burrito Deluxe . Photo by Richard Merryman


  1. Anonymous7/24/2013

    won't be long untiol he can do that without grabbin' rail....

  2. Anonymous7/24/2013

    If only he got on one earlier! How many more titles could have been won?

  3. sam george7/25/2013


    I was out surfing with Tom that day and we had a fun time comparing notes on the Liddle Experience. When I told him how Steve K. gave me instructions on how to properly ride a hull—including the mandate to not attempt a cutback for at least two years—we chuckled even more. Though from the looks of this turn Tommy' s already skipped ahead a few steps...of course he then went out on my new Pearson 9'6" standup and surfed beautifully, proving once again that he can surf just about anything with power and style.

  4. Anonymous7/25/2013

    seen a lot of "newbies" to the liddle realm-mostly guys that grew up on thrusters-do grab rail turns like that. to do it without grabbing rail is the key.think "suicide cutbacks" and getting "dirty"

  5. Anonymous7/26/2013

    Anon- Really? Telling Tom Carroll about what's 'key' riding one of these 1971 throwbacks? You're kidding, right? Dude, IT WAS A LARK. In one hour he was doing what most 'enthusiasts' can't do in five years of riding those things. These boards will not be cluttering up his quiver, trust me on this, please DONT pass the purple kookaid.

  6. Anonymous7/27/2013

    hmm. internet surfing techniques discussion ? we should all listen intently. yes. sarcasm.

  7. Anonymous7/27/2013

    you obviously don't get it-nor these boards...

    I would expect a pro surfer to be able to do that, but it ain't "all that", because I have seen young, thruster bred guys go out and do same grab rail turn in first few waves of riding a hull. get the hand off the rail, then you got something...

  8. Anonymous7/28/2013

    well, it's cool to see him on a liddle, regardless of how he is riding it.
    el vaquero

  9. Anonymous7/29/2013

    How many angles can dance on the the edge of a HULL rail?

  10. Anonymous7/31/2013

    His brother Corky could rip that turn w/o a grab

  11. Anonymous8/03/2013

    I second El Vaquero's comments. That's not that far away from Curren on a Frye fish. I wish there was video of the ride.

  12. Anonymous8/05/2013

    I thought it was the Liddle "PG" outline? Not the "Deluxe"?

    Nice Turn. Nice Photograph. Nice Surfboards.

    Have a nice day.

    Thank You,
    Nice Guy

  13. Anonymous8/05/2013

    obviously tom carroll doesn't know how to do a cutback
    when i boogieboard should i not hold the rails when i cutback either?
    do i get it?
    i guess tom curren and dan malloy don't get it either
    greenough shouldn't have grabbed his rail either
    he definitely didn't get it it!
    ok now i got it