Sunday, September 8, 2013

New Yater Spoons

I picked up 2 new Yater Spoons at Renny's yesterday.

9'3'' Vintage tint on the left and a 9'6'' coke bottle tint on the right.

Renny shaped his first board around 1950 I think , I have seen that board and it is nice. As I walked in his shop yesterday the sounds and smells just hit me ! Just the sound of his sanding block finshing off a nice curved wood nose block on another spoon , just him , alone in the shop doing what he has been doing for the last 6o plus years! I love this man.

Spoon time.

The balsa is a custom Renny shaped for Kim Robinson from balsa Kim found in a barn in Goleta from the 1940's Yater milled and glued the blank up, waxed and ridin by Kim one time at Velzy's paddle out.

Attention to detail on the glassing and wood tail blocks is really nice .

As I pulled out the balsa , I remembered I had these , Renny's own personel trunks made by his wife Sally Yater who passed away in late April , may she rest in peace.

Late sixty's Yater T- band t-shirt to go with his trunks. I went to work one day at the shop and found both these in the bathroom trashcan , I must admit they were pretty gross but I saved them, Ive been a dumpster diver my whole life.

Clean and simple , one of the best shapers ever.

The 9'3'' and 9'6'' are going to Mollusk Venice .


  1. Steiny ! thanks, hope alls well with you and the family.

  2. These boards are fantastic

  3. Anonymous9/09/2013

    do you dance around in those old trunks?

  4. I surfed in them for a few years when I had a size 28 waist , that ship has long since sailed. Sally and the girls at the Bikini Factory made stuff that was way ahead of the times , I sometimes wonder how many good waves these old trunks have seen.

  5. Anonymous9/12/2013

    Yeah, Bring me da eight six yater spoon! I love the smell of napalm in the morning...smells like victory.

  6. That was a classic line.

  7. Anonymous9/14/2013

    Charlie don't surf...

  8. Anonymous9/20/2013

    Kirk do you know when Yater started shaping these?

    1. Around 1965 the first prototype was ridin by Mickey Dora .

  9. Anonymous11/23/2013

    most functional longboard design ever shaped IMO