Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dave Lloyds Flextail

Dave Lloyds Flextail, I think this is from the 70's, those side fins were added later. Dave still owns this board, pretty cool.


  1. pretty cool is right...enjoying how far up the rail the panel runs...this one tickles my rail-twisting fancy!

  2. I rode this board for a few years in the mid 70's. It was surprisingly versatile, especially in dribbly high tide mush. Lots of float, fat rails mid way and a heavy forward hull. The way Steve let the foam come to a point at the tailblock created an independent suspension similar to Greenough's swallow cut in his last edge boards. You could get the twist effect without unwanted rocker flex right at the tail to slow you down.

    The original board had boogie board foam glued and shaped over the flex panels. Dale Solomonson commented that all the sensitivitiy would be washed out by gluing in the foam. Since you don't stand on this part of the board, I don't think there was any loss of performance.

    Great board!