Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Boards Pics

This came today a nice YELLOW? 7'6'' I think from a template I had a long time ago called Mr. Putnam
Very Vaquero lookin.
I found my original Mr. Putnam about 20 years ago and restored it and sold to a buddy, wish I had it back,DANG! IT, winter is comin.
Jim Shanks new ride a nice 6'8'' Death Board.
These new boards are glassed with the same Volan Larry uses for the Flex Fins, nice stuff.


  1. Anonymous8/20/2009


    I would like to hear more from you on the Mr. Putnam template. I've thinking my 2nd. Hull (Greg shape)and I'm under impression that sharply pulled nose would work well in beach breaks, too. Looking for perfect "Beachy Hull".

    Thank you for your time. Mike

  2. Looking for a 6'6"-68" Liddle Hull- possibly a pointbreaker, yet openminded. Jon Kittamura and Buzz Lovelace said you were the man! Would be stoked to hear from you...