Saturday, March 20, 2010


Graham Goodfeild of Los Padraes Outfitters found my original Vaquero board at the used rack at the beachouse. The first one I drew the logo on by hand.

Marc shaped this for me at Yaters 15 plus years ago, it was like a board Ted Spencer had in Innermost Limits.

The new Vaqueros aren't that much different today , maybe foiled a bit better.

I rode the crap out of this for a few years , until Marc made me a balsa version

Glad it's back and a friend has it.


  1. Does that say Baby V? Is that Marc's nic-name for you? hehe...

  2. Very cool. I'd love to see what happened to a few of my boards.

  3. Thanks KP, that's "killer", will you hurry up an patch that thing so I can have it back? Graham

  4. Anonymous4/01/2010

    That is the second Vaquero!