Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kopps Craiglister

Alex found this on his way back north awhile back on craigslist, a late 70's early 80's Liddle , I think it was this guy Chris Pass who used to order these, also Gene Copper used to ride this type of Hull. Chris Del Moro in 4th gear and flyin.

100 bucks and some bondo and it's ready for some action. I think it's a 6'4''.

Big Al redirecting down the line.

Wow Daddy! that's pushin the limits on a 6'4'' cool turn MR style , Alex finally using those crusty boney feet of his to lay it onrail, it's cool to see these old boards recycled back into the water. Al's film, Displacement is getting close to being done,('' I've heard that before'' ).


  1. Top pic, heavy on style.........

  2. oh man! great pics, nice story, and i can't wait to see that film. yeah yeah yeah