Thursday, August 12, 2010


Capt. Chamberlain's old/ new Radon, Jeff found this old beat up Radon boat up north and had a vision of this , I got to admit it was real hard to see , it was super ugly and beat to death.

Anderson boats in SB took the challenge and stripped it down to the bare hull and rebuilt this , really came out nice , not to big not to small . He never lets me drive , probably the only time at the wheel for me!

Jeff is gonna have a ton of fun on this new toy with twin 60 hp Yamaha's .

Designing a smaller boat , 18ft is a real challenge, Jeff's been a boat freek his whole life and this is a longtime dream come true, every detail has been thought out. Cool project, neat to watch from start to finish.


  1. twin 60's is a lot of weight. hope she planes out
    at 18'?
    we had a 19 with twin 70's and it was an issue.
    kinda slow and weighty. eventually planed yet carried a wheely for a bit. maybe with the fwd console and all that weight will help even it.
    (ours was a open center console and fiberglass)
    that one looks even beach launchable!

  2. Anonymous8/13/2010

    Jeff here....should balance out fine. Center of weight will up in the cabin which is about 4' further up than a center console... motors aren't too heavy.... At 3300lbs approx, she's far past beach launching, but it'll be a game changer, that's for sure. And Kirk, it's 'tool', not toy!

  3. I was gonna say that but , Jeff gonna have fun with his new tool just didn't seem right.

  4. Anonymous8/13/2010

    once a tool, always a tool...

  5. Anonymous8/15/2010

    How much did the operation cost? I have a line a small old beat up Radon and wonder what Anderson charges for something like that.... Please tell.

  6. Anonymous8/18/2010

    If you have to ask.....

  7. Anonymous8/19/2010

    ? you were born knowing i guess.... too cool for school. i already contacted them anyway. seems almost cheaper to have it done than to but it done... depending what you get the hull for... again, you were probably born knopwing i would say that and already bored to death with everything... have a good life!

  8. Anonymous8/19/2010

    Uh, yea, what you said.