Monday, August 9, 2010

SB Fiesta Rodeo

Well, it was Fiesta week in Santa Barbara and that mean's Rodeo time! Set up the booth and watch the Rodeo all weekend and get to see friends and family take their best shot at what they love to do. Kathie's classic chinks she got from one of the Hollister cowboy's

Got to catch up with The Malloy's . That hat Chris has on is a coveted piece of Santa Barbara history, that look Chris is giving me is, u touch this hat KP and your goin DOWN!

Los Padres Outfitter's , Kirk Sr. and Hannah and Sarah gave the team penning a go, they did pretty good for their first time out together.

Kathie , Nancy ( Bruce Brown's daughter) and Sue, also in team penning comp. they work together on the Hollister Ranch cattle outfit , lot's of hard work in those windy steep canyon's, these gal's got SALT! mucho respecto to them.

Los Padres and Vaqueros de Las Olas booth is a old 1948 Dodge fire dept. truck there's a nice bar in there also, 30,ooo original miles!! I lost my voice on Sunday and everybody was happy about that, finally shut me up.

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  1. Anonymous8/10/2010

    naw-it didn't shut you up.rather, it was like listening to an old bullfrog on steroids!