Saturday, October 2, 2010

Liddle's Old Board

A buddy brought this by , Greg's old 7'3'' from around the late 70's or early 80's. The back third of the tail template is asymmetrical , strait on the forehand , curvy on the backhand.

Lots of hull and thinned out foil to the Max

Single 4oz. top and bottom with deck patch and balsa stringer the board really flexes .

Deck. Maybe make a few new ones like this.

Bottom, nice to see this one survived most of Greg's boards were broken, buckled and rode to Death.


  1. Anonymous10/03/2010

    Extremely bladed rails and asymmetrical tail!
    Hey Kids, Looks like "We Have Been Here Before"!
    No hard feelings, just give props when/where needed.

  2. Anonymous10/04/2010

    as well as stringerless boards, spoons and flex tails,etc.

  3. Anonymous10/13/2010

    seems like things here and at rephullmen have slowed down.has there been that big of a lull?

  4. Been lagging as of late, sorry .