Saturday, October 23, 2010


My buddy Jeff Chamberlain's new toy 17ft Radon , maiden voyage yesterday.

Jeff found this old hull way up north and took it to Anderson Boats in Santa Barbara and they built his Dream Machine. I gotta say when he towed this old hull from out of the woods it was UGLY!!! I wasn't seeing it at all just a bare hull striped to the bone.

6mo. later here it is, Slobber Chops lives again . That other boat is our friend Kenny's 21ft Greenough also built by Bill and Ed Anderson.

The shake down run went perfect, congrats to Jeff and Paige .


  1. Very, very nice- I see some decent fish dinners in your future, you lucky devil.

  2. That’s a very exquisite toy! I can’t imagine it once being ugly. It’s been years since her maiden voyage. How is she doing now? I hope Jeff’s “dream machine” is still as dreamy as it was when it was built. Have a nice day!

    Kent Garner @ Whites Marine Center