Saturday, December 11, 2010


One of my prized possession's

Team jacket from early 70's

Andreini with Jeff's White Owl balsa gun he did for him .

Marc and myself with our longboards around 1975

The old Owl shop in Summerland founded by Jeff White who sadly passed on yesterday. Jeff was always so cool to me at the old Surf and Wear shop and later when Marc Andreini and I built boards together for the shop. I think thats Marc in the doorway, he was a team rider back then. I think Jeff still has that Jeep Wagon. He was a great person, surfer, waterman, and lifegaurd. RIP White Owl.


  1. Sorry to hear of his passing. My condolences to his family. I met Jeff when he was life guarding at Carpenteria state beach. He taught all the gremmies about tides, currents, swell direction, etc while we would watch him fine tuning rowing oars. At the time he and 1 of the other lifeguards were the top dory men in the state.

  2. Man could he row those dory's in his prime, he was an animal. I am tryin to find this nice shot of Jeff rowing thru the shorebreak in Carp when the pier was still there, also surfing pics of him and Merv Larson surfing Carp back in the day. Jeff did so many great things for the Santa Barbara surfing community he will be missed.

  3. Anonymous12/11/2010

    major bummer. a true santa barbara surf legacy.

  4. The Shanty, later became the Nugget, the late great Rincon local JC. Hernandez my neighbor took me there for my first real bar beer I was 18 but JC was a local said I was 21. JC nicknamed me GEEKERS and it stuck around for many years, god we used to laugh so hard, I miss him dearly.

  5. Did JC used to surf the tarpits and sandyland point in Carp. Had a lime/day glo green 8' something Yater. Would have been in the 67 to 71 time frame.

  6. Yep that was JC, 5'4'' tall by 3'and a half wide, nothing could knock him off his board. I met him cause I lived across the tracks from tarpits and that black VW he had would never start, always needed a push.